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Hello and welcome to Urmston Radio Controlled Car Club. This handbook is designed to give all club volunteers, club members, parents and those wishing to join the club an insight into how the club is run and brief insight into what RC car racing is. It’s by no means exhaustive, but we hope it gives a good idea of where to start and where to get further information.


Racing at Urmston started in November 1979 …
… shortly after the 1/12th scale electric cars became generally available. At first the only cars were race cars, then in 1980 electric stock cars came on the scene, and they became so popular at Urmston, that a purpose built oval track was made.

Ministocks and Buggies came on the scene in 1982, and a fly-over bridge and ramp were made making this type of racing more exciting. Our club also ran an outside series for Buggies at a Scout Hut for several years. The bridge lasted for ten years. In the early days all cars raced on wood or lino floors, but now most clubs race on carpet.

Race meetings are held on Saturday mornings (9.30am) except for the first Saturday of the month, plus some Bank Holidays (afternoons), and also every Wednesdays at 7.30pm.   Once a year a National Stock Car meeting is held, when drivers come from all over the country take part in a full days racing.

Our Club is a member of the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) of which the membership fee is £20 per annum. This membership fee covers third party insurance, and allows members to race at any national meeting in the country. Club membership is £5, and racing fees are £4 for seniors, and £1 for juniors under 16.

We currently race Stock cars and Bangers on an oval track. Drivers are graded according to their performance by different coloured roofs. Beginners have a white roof and start at the front, then come better drivers with a yellow roof, then come those with blue roofs, and the best drivers have a red roof and start right at the back of the grid.

Trophies are awarded at certain meetings, and drivers also get points for their positions, which add together after each meeting and count towards a track championship. Traffic lights control the racing, and an automatic lap counting system keeps track of the results, with monitors for anyone to see who is in what position during the races. There is also an LED display sign in use at meetings, which advertises the club and also shows which race is on.

Track records, points tables, and other information is listed on special notice boards, and also on our website:- wwwurccc.cub. Spectators are welcome, and there is a canteen selling tea, minerals, sweets chocolates, hot dogs, burgers, toast, and even a full breakfast.

On race days there is a Spares Shop, selling parts for the cars, in fact selling all the parts sufficient to build a Stock car or Banger.

Several items available for members to use are soldering iron, Tyre truer, Drill, and fast fan. There are 36 power points available for use in the main hall.

In 2011, the latest automatic lap counting system was introduced where drivers could purchase their own personal transponder, which could also be used at other tracks.

In January 2013, after just over 33 years, a committee was formed to run the club, doing away with the position of club promoter.

Introduction of a shorter track for the last meeting of the month started in 2014.

Club Officers 2022

Honorary President       Alan Crossland

Chairman      Billy Clague   

Treasurer    Mike Goddard         

Secretary       Anthony Wyper                      

PRO     Alec Nicholson         

Stockcar Rep    Paul Jenkinson

Banger Rep   William Yarwood

Drivers Rep   Brandon Eccles

Points Compiler  Vacant

Club Contact

Club Address
St Clements Branch Church
Humphrey Lane
Manchester M41 9PE

Club Chairman- Billy Clague

Mobile contact at club meetings – Alan Crossland 07770 532655

On Race day please feel free to contact any of the committee and we’ll be happy to help with directions or information. When ringing the mobiles please be conscious of the times and consider that we have families and work, If you don’t get an answer please send a text and we will get straight back to you.


From South & East approach by M60 motorway, or A56 via Altrincham & Sale. Leave motorway at J7 (A56) for Stretford. Take left fork at “The Old Cock” pub (A5181).

Turn left about 200 yds at Sandy Lane (B5213), and continue for 1/4 mile, then join other main road. Watch for shops and “The Urmston” pub on R.H. side. Turn right at pub into Humphrey Lane, and the Church Hall is 200yds on L.H. side.

From North & West Approach from M62 motorway, and take M60 ring road south, crossing over the Manchester Ship Canal, and leave at J9. Take second turning into Barton Rd heading for Stretford, passing shops on L.H. side. Proceed for approximately 3/4 mile pass under railway bridge and pass “The Melville Hotel” on L.H.Side. At circle take 5th turning (L.H.Side of Sevenways Garage) into Bradfield Road. Continue along Bradfield Rd., pass small circle at Barkway Road, then take 2nd left into Humphrey Lane. The Church Hall is 50yds on R.H.side just past allotments.



The Club shall be known as Urmston Radio Controlled Car Club.


(a) To promote the construction and racing of radio-controlled cars.

(b) To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas relating to the sport.

(c) To encourage National competition within a co-ordinated calendar.


Membership shall be open to all and shall be deemed to commence when the club receives the appropriate membership documentation.

The Handbook will be available to all members.


  1. Full Individual members
  2. Junior members

(c) Fellows – Persons who in the opinion of a two-thirds majority of an AGM of the Association, have performed outstanding service to the club. Fellowship of the club carries automatic Full Individual membership for life and may only be rescinded by a two thirds majority vote at an AGM of the club. Fellows are to be elected at the AGM of the club on the recommendation of the Committee. Not more than two Fellows may be elected in any one year.


The subscription period shall be one year running from the 1st Jan to the 31st Dec of the same year. Membership subscriptions shall be reviewed and fixed annually at the AGM. Any member who has not paid his/her subscription within ONE month of the renewal date shall be assumed to have terminated his/her membership. All members must also be a member of the BRCA (British Radio Car Association) to race.

 BRCA Membership
You can apply online for BRCA Membership at


Any member wishing to withdraw from membership must notify the secretary in writing.


To qualify for election to a Club Committee position, the member must be a Full Individual member of the Club.

The following Officers shall be elected for a period of two years at the AGM :- Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer plus such other Officers as may be deemed necessary. Nominations for these positions must be sent to the Secretary in writing four weeks before the AGM. The nominee must be a Full Member of the Club


The committee shall be established within the club to administer the individual needs of the members racing interests.


The Committee shall manage all concerns of the club upholding the clubs constitution, and shall have powers to settle all points of interpretation of rules, providing such powers shall not overrule a resolution of the AGM. The Committee shall manage all the concerns of the racing interest for which it is established, with powers to settle all points of interpretation of rules, provided such power shall not overrule a resolution of a AGM or General Rules.

A Committee quorum will be decided by that Committee. The club Committee shall have powers to establish sub-committees to manage special interests or events and to co-opt members onto such sub committees. Any committee may, from time to time, fill any vacancy in its number which may arise for the remaining period of office. If the conduct of any member, in or out of Club events, shall in the opinion of the club Committee, or three members of it, be injurious to the character or interest of the club then membership can be suspended until the matter is dealt with by the club committee. The club committee can require said person or persons to attend such meeting as is required to explain their actions, they shall have the power to expel such member or call upon them to resign and will there upon cease to be a member of the club. Should a member who has been expelled or been required to resign wish to appeal, this shall be done in writing to the club Secretary and the appeal will be held before the club Committee. In every case of expulsion or required resignation of a member the decision of the club Committee shall be final and the excluded member shall have no remedy against the club or Committee, or any further right of appeal. A minimum of two thirds majority shall be necessary to order an expulsion


The committee has the power to delete, amend or change any existing rule(s) or add any new rule(s) to the Constitution or General Rules, to accommodate any changes in legal or fiscal requirements, or changes in recognized or legally required safety procedures. These actions can take place at any time within the clubs year without the need for an EGM or AGM. Any action of this nature will be made known to the membership in the following edition of the minutes and will be included on the official website. Any decision taken must be ratified at the following AGM with a 2/3rds majority.


All members have the right to attend and vote on issues at the club AGM. Proposals for any changes to the Constitution or General Rules must be received by the club Secretary four weeks before the AGM date latest. The club will publish the proposals for changes two weeks prior to the AGM.

1 – Proposal for change of the club Constitution shall require a two thirds majority of members present at an AGM.

2 – Proposal for change of a General Rule shall require a two-thirds majority of members present at an AGM.

3 – Elections of officers shall be decided as follows:

  1. a) For one candidate only:- A simple majority vote of those members present, abstentions not considered.
  2. b) For two candidates only:- A simple majority vote of those members present abstentions not considered.
  3. c) For more than two candidates:-

First: Vote taken for all candidates.

Then: A second vote including only the two candidates with the highest votes.

This will be decided by a simple majority, abstentions not considered.

4 – At an EGM, voting procedures will follow the above format.


All matter relating to the spending of club funds shall be referred through the Treasurer to the club Committee. The Treasurer shall make an annual financial statement to the AGM offering all relevant documents for inspection at the meeting.


01 January to 31 December


The AGM shall be held as soon after the end of the financial year as is practical. No BRCA Sanctioned events may take place on the day of the AGM.

The following business shall be transacted at the AGM:-

(1) Reports on the general working of the club.

(2) Representation of the club accounts.

(3) Election of Officers.

(4) Review and agree the annual membership fee.

(5) Discussion of any other business of which due notice has been given.

(6) Arrange a provisional date for the next AGM which shall in any event be held within thirty days of the provisional date.


Minutes of an AGM or EGM shall be published as soon as convenient thereafter and in any case before the next committee meeting. Minutes of committee meetings shall be available to all committee members. Copies of all minutes shall be kept indefinitely by the appropriate officer.


An EGM may be called at any time if the Club Committee so decide. The Secretary shall also call a meeting on receiving written request to that effect, signed by no less than 10% of the membership. Such a general meeting shall take place within 28 days of the written request being received and all members shall receive 14 days notice of the meeting, but without the necessity for detailing any further particulars. A resolution of an EGM shall not be valid unless 10% of the membership is present and not unless the resolution be passed by at least two thirds of the members voting.


In the event of insolvency, the deficit shall be made good by an equal payment from each member or in such manner as an AGM or EGM shall decide.


Each members address and email shall be recorded in the Clubs records and shall be deemed to be correct unless the Secretary be notified in writing of an alteration of change of said member.


A copy of the constitution shall be forwarded to each member on joining. These rules so presented shall be binding on every member. No member shall be absolved from the effect of these rules on allegation of not having received them.


The Club committee shall be the sole authority for the interpretation of these rules and the decision of the committee upon any question of interpretation, or upon any other matter

affecting the Club not provided for by these rules, shall be final and binding on the members.


The Constitution defines the rules for government of the club. All alterations or additions to the Constitution may only be adopted by resolution at an AGM or EGM convened according to the Constitution. Such resolution must receive a two thirds majority vote.


If at any general meeting a resolution for the dissolution of the Club be passed by a two-thirds majority of the membership present, and such resolution be confirmed at an EGM, held not less than one month thereafter at which not less than half the members are present, by a majority of two-thirds of the members the committee shall thereupon or at such date as shall be specified in the resolution, proceed to dissolve the Club. The committee shall proceed to realise the assets of the Club, and after discharge of all liabilities, shall divide the same amongst all the members according to the proportions decided at the EGM.

Upon the completion of such division the Association shall be dissolved.


 1 To uphold the Constitution of the Club.

2 Understand that the intellectual property rights of original work produced by members for the club is always transferred to the club.


(a)        Unless the BRCA Executive committee has first given its express permission in writing, no trophy, award or prize of any kind may be given which has an intrinsic value greater than £50.00

(b)        Under no circumstances are cash prizes to be awarded

General Rules


  • No vehicle must be put on to the track until it has been scrutineered for ride height.
  • Scrutineers will have a 3mm clearance plate, which your vehicle must run freely over the top of, including the shell. Should it scrape in any way your vehicle will fail scrutineering.
  • This is in the interest of protecting the race carpet from damage

Code of Conduct:

To be added!


Role & Expectations: (Officers & Members)


It is accepted that all URCCC members have read the rules, contained within this publication, understand them, and agree to be bound by them during the period of their membership.

  • If you use the track you are expected to help assemble and dis-assemble the track and leave the room in a tidy condition
  • All drivers are expected to marshal after their heat (if a juniors wishes to marshal then they must be supervised)
  • Do not shout at marshals, Respect others
  • The race controls decision is final
  • Stockcars race to the URCCC 1/12th Stockcar Rules.
  • Bangers race to the URCCC 1/12th Banger Rules.

Role & Expectations: (Officers)

Club Chairman

This is a key position in the club,

Desirable Attributes:

The Chairman should:

  • be well informed of all the club activities and able to provide oversight
  • be a person who can develop good relationships internally and externally
  • be forward thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of the Club
  • have a good working knowledge of the Committee Constitution, rules and roles and expectations of other members.
  • be able to work collaboratively with other Committee Members
  • be a good listener and attuned to the interests of members
  • be a good role model and a positive image for the Club in representing the Committee in other forums
  • be a competent public speaker

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • The Chairman is the keystone on which the success or otherwise the club depends.
  • Chair Committee meetings ensuring that they are run efficiently and effectively
  • Regularly focus the Committee’s attention on matters that relate to its own structure
  • Periodically consult with Committee members on their role, to see how they are going and help them to optimize their contribution
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the Club when required
  • Work with the Committee to ensure:
  • The necessary skills are represented on the Committee and that a succession plan is in place to help find new Committee members when required
  • Goals and relevant strategic plans are developed in order to achieve the goals of the Club.    

Club Treasurer

Desirable Attributes:

The Treasurer should be:

  • organized, honest and trustworthy
  • have good administrative skills and competent with email
  • be a good communicator
  • be able to keep confidential matters confidential.
  • have knowledge of the club (essential)
  • have similar experience in this role (desirable)
  • have access to forms of communication and contactable
  • be enthusiastic and able to motivate others
  • have a good working knowledge of the clubs policies and procedures
  • be able to communicate effectively

  Specific expectations include but are not limited to: 

  • Responsible for keeping the club’s accounts in proper order and for planning the club’s finances.
  • Preparing budgets and statements of account for presentation at committee meetings.
  • Preparing the annual accounts for presentation at the annual general meeting.
  • Has experience in the field of finance such as banking, accountancy, etc.

Club Secretary

Desirable Attributes:

The Secretary should:

  • be organized, honest and trustworthy
  • have good administrative skills and competent with email
  • be a good communicator
  • be able to keep confidential matters confidential.
  • have knowledge of the club (essential)
  • have similar experience in this role (desirable)
  • have access to forms of communication and contactable
  • be enthusiastic and able to motivate others
  • have a good working knowledge of the clubs policies and procedures
  • be able to communicate effectively

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Maintain records of the Club’s Committee and ensure effective management of Club’s records
  • Work with the treasurer to ensure all membership and affiliations are accurate and paid on time
  • Ensure that all members have a copy of the BRCA handbook, insurance details and officers contacts
  • Manage Minutes of Committee meetings and AGM, recording the Minutes and ensuring minutes are distributed to the committee members shortly after each meeting no later than 3 days for agreement. Provide a summary of Committee Minutes for distribution to all Club members via website and email
  • Develop the agenda for meetings in consultation with the Chairperson and other Committee members and distribution prior to the meeting.
  • Is sufficiently familiar with all current Club documents to note applicability during meetings
  • Is responsible for ensuring that accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal requirements
  • Signing a copy of the final approved Minutes and ensuring that the signed copy is maintained
  • Ensure that the records of the Club are maintained as required and made available when required by authorized persons.  These records may include lists of Committee members, Membership, Committee meeting Minutes, financial reports, and other official records
  • The Secretary ensures that official records are maintained of members of the Club and Committee.  He / she ensures that these records are available when required for reports, elections, meetings, votes, etc.
  • Ensure that proper notification is given of Committee and Club meetings.
  • Manage the general correspondence of the Committee except for such correspondence assigned to others.
  • The Secretary is responsible for the documentation and communication of the activities of the Committee and provides the links between the Committee, members and others.

Club PR Officer

Desirable Attributes:

The PR Officer should:

  • be organized, honest and trustworthy
  • have good administrative skills and competent with email
  • be a good communicator
  • be able to keep confidential matters confidential.
  • have knowledge of the club (essential)
  • have similar experience in this role (desirable)
  • have access to forms of communication and contactable
  • be enthusiastic and able to motivate others
  • have a good working knowledge of the clubs policies and procedures
  • responsible for the promotion of the club and its activities and to generally give the club a good image in the eyes of the public.
  • maintaining contact with other clubs and ensuring that the club’s competitive and social activities are given maximum coverage. It is helpful if this position can be filled by someone who is connected with social media.

Club Stock car Rep

Desirable Attributes:

The Stockcar Rep should:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Be well organised.
  • Maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the constitution.
  • Be enthusiastic

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Communicate information for members.
  • Help and support other officials
  • Promote the club and its activities and to generally give the club a good image in the eyes of other clubs and the public.

Club Banger Rep

Desirable Attributes:

The Banger Rep should:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Be well organised.
  • Maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the constitution.
  • Be enthusiastic

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Communicate information for members.
  • Help and support other officials
  • Promote the club and its activities and to generally give the club a good image in the eyes of other clubs and the public.

Club Drivers Rep

Desirable Attributes:

The Drivers Rep should:

  • Communicate effectively.
  • Be well organised.
  • Maintain confidentiality on relevant matters.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the constitution.
  • Be enthusiastic

Specific expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Communicate information for members.
  • Help and support other officials
  • Promote the club and its activities and to generally give the club a good image in the eyes of other clubs and the public.

The Role & Expectations of the committee as a whole

The Role of the Committee is to manage the club on behalf of the members. These expectations include:

  • Planning future directions
  • Developing policies and procedures
  • Carrying out recommendations of members
  • Regularly communicating  with members and responding to feedback
  • Developing and managing external relationships
  • Obtaining resources and ensuring that all financial and legal matters are properly managed
  • Evaluating the performance of officials, sub-Committees and importantly the Committee itself.
  • Planning succession and conducting induction to newly elected Committee members
  • Ensuring that all members of the Committee act as leadership role models
  • Making decisions that are in the best interest of the club and not for individual gain.

Our commitment

  • Electronic communication is essential for sharing club news and information with our members. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to club business. Advertising and promoting the club in this way makes a big difference to our visibility in the RC racing world.

What we will do

  • We use a range of electronic tools to communicate with our members.
  • Our communication will protect members’ privacy, maintain clear boundaries and ensure that bullying and harassment does not occur.
  • A webmaster will be appointed to provide accountability and control over material published on our club’s website and any related discussion groups or social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Social media websites

Social Media Policy

  • We treat all social media postings, blogs, status updates and tweets as public ‘comment’.
  • Postings (written, photos or videos) will be family-friendly and feature positive club news and events.
  • Users with access to the Urmston Radio Controlled Car Club race page should post positive posts about the club advertising events or sharing news only. This should not include club problems or complaints using this account. Members of the committee or this account must take their grievances “offline” and discuss with the relevant people via meeting, email or telephone. Breaking this rule will result in the administration privileges being taken away.
  • No personal information about our members will be disclosed.
  • No statements will be made that are misleading, false or likely to injure a person’s reputation.
  • No statements will be made that might bring our club into disrepute.
  • Abusive, discriminatory, intimidating, offensive statements and statements bringing club’s image into disrepute will not be tolerated. Offending posts will be removed and those responsible will be blocked from the club’s sites.

Our Website

      • Our website will include current information on news, events, fee structure and general information about the club.
      • No offensive content or photos will be published.
      • If we intend to publish a photo of a child, we will first seek permission from his or her parents and take care not to provide identifying information.
      • We will seek feedback from members to improve the information available on the site.

What we ask our members to do
We expect our members to conduct themselves appropriately when using electronic communication to share information with other members or posting material on public websites connected to the club.

Electronic communication:

      • should be restricted to club matters
      • must not offend, intimidate, humiliate or bully another person
      • must not be misleading, false or injure the reputation of another person
      • should respect and maintain the privacy of members
      • must not bring the club into disrepute.

Members may face disciplinary action for sending inappropriate electronic communication or posting online content or comments that harass, offend, intimidate or humiliate another member. If using Social Media and if deemed to be bringing the club into disrepute the member will be removed from the appropriate Facebook groups and pages and blocked from subsequent postings. Under certain circumstances, cyber bullying (e.g. bullying that is carried out through an internet service such as email, a chat room, discussion group, instant messaging or website) is a criminal offence that can be reported to the police. In addition, members who publish false or misleading comments about another person in the public domain (e.g., Facebook, YouTube or Twitter) may be liable for defamation.
If after a formal warning any of the above non-compliant behaviour continues the club can then decide to revoke the club member in question’s membership.

Lipo Safety Policy

Potentially these cells can be hazardous with fire an ever present risk however small.
Lipo usage:

      • You MUST use a Lipo charging bag when charging Lipo batteries. Without a bag we will stop you charging.
      • You must use a Lipo charger using the correct Lipo charge setting.
      • Please do not try to overcharge your cells.
      • Please select the correct charger ampage setting. Recommended is 1C charge current. This means if the mah of the cells is 3400 then 3.4 amps, 5000 then 5.0 amps, 6400 then 6.4 amps. Charging at higherampage may cause the cells to become unstable=fire.
      • If for some reason a fire does occur then the best way of putting the fire out is to use the new sand buckets. This sand is available at the exits of the room.


2022 AGM